I'm not a fan of being in the public eye. However, since I'm often asked about what paintings I still create or if I have a website, I've decided to create a very simple page that allows me to showcase some of my watercolors. Beside the showroom I also wrote few lines about me and not to forget, I have a guestbook :-).


I've removed information about size and location because unfortunately, they were embedded into the image, which detracted from the charm of the watercolors. So now I'll tell you that the sizes range between 18x26cm (7x10in) and 31x41cm (12x16in). The landscape paintings are almost exclusively from Iceland, and the others, well, they're whatever has fascinated me to paint. Click here to see a selection of my watercolors.


And yes, of course, I do sell paintings, but not with a mouse click. Anyone with genuine interest is welcome to contact me.