No, I wasn't born with a paintbrush in hand; in fact, I come from a world of machines and technicalities. For 27 years, my hands were busy fixing passenger airplanes. But it wasn't until I landed in Iceland that I discovered my love for painting. You could say I'm a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to art.


Born and raised in Munich in 1964, I was christened with the name Barbara Elisabeth Grilz. Since 2017, I've called Iceland my home, and despite some initial bumps in the road, I've settled in quite nicely.


It was the winter of 2018 when boredom struck, and I found myself searching for a creative outlet that I could pursue indoors, away from the cold Icelandic weather. That's when I picked up my brushes and started painting our colorful puffins. With each stroke, I delved deeper into the world of watercolors, gradually honing my skills and discovering the perfect combination of paper, brushes, and paints.


Since then, it's been a joyful journey of endless painting sessions. With every piece I create, I find new inspiration and joy in the vibrant colors of my Icelandic surroundings.